PIRCH is the premier provider of kitchen, bath, outdoor, laundry and joy in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and Chicago.  Recognized as one of the most innovative top retail brands in the nation, Pirch has created a showroom at SOCO that serves as a new prototype store for their highly anticipated national expansion. The showroom features a consumer experience that is revolutionizing the way consumer products are presented.  With a full demonstration kitchen, on-site executive chef, and operable fixtures, Pirch is a virtual playground where customers, shop, play, become educated and enjoy long before they make a purchase. The showroom represents elegant, innovative yet functional design and is constructed to the most exacting green standards.  In 2011, the US Green Building Council launched LEED for retail to address issues specific to the industry and Pirch is the first among the  non-pilt projects to receive LEED Commercial Interiors certification.

Highlights in Design and Environmental Sustainability

One of the only retail stores in the nation to achieve Silver LEED certification and some of the strategies used include:

  • Diverted over 75% of construction waste from landfill which also contributed to regional priorities
  • 90% of appliances and equipment are Energy Star rated, reducing energy consumption
  • 15% less energy used for lighting than typical retail spaces
  • 30% water use reduction over baseline standards
  • Installed a gray water recycling system to capture and reuse water for displays to aid with water use reduction (The Paul Mitchell School also at SOCO utilizes a similar system.)
  • Use of low-emitting materials and finishes to improve indoor air quality
  • Support of alternative transportation, including an employee ride share program and assistance for cyclists
  • Educational tour and “Greenius” quiz to promote awareness of sustainable qualities of products
  • Pirch on site kitchen also supports local farmers and on-site farmers market in organic cooking
  • Use of reclaimed and recycled materials both inside outside
  • Instituted mechanical systems to promote indoor clean air quality and operating efficiency
  • Promoted the showroom as a community gathering place and venue for non-profit events, fundraising, charity events, and corporate functions.
  • Pirch showroom has received numerous architectural and design awards including:
    1. Retail Design Institute (RDI):  Award of Merit for Best Retail Concept (Hard Line) & Best-In-Show Worldwide for In-Store Signage & Graphics
    2. Chain Store Age:  Retail Store of the Year (Hardlines 15,000-25,000 sq.ft.)
    3. Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.): Award Winner