Design Within Reach makes authentic modern design accessible. “Within reach” means things not found elsewhere, and the items are in stock.

The business started when founder Rob Forbes tried to furnish his apartment with the clean, simple classics he’d come to appreciate while living in London. He discovered that the work of designers like Saarinen, Eames and Bertoia were “out of reach” of anyone who did not know the secret handshake or have the patience to wait months for delivery.

By giving customers access to the best in modern design – including iconic works that have been in production since the mid-twentieth century, as well as innovative items designed today – we made design within reach. Their product lines include furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories.

The SOCO showroom was formerly occupied by a low-middle tier home furnishing company and features a large open bay dropped acoustical ceiling with fluorescent lighting. Ceiling heights were finished to 10-12’ above finished floor.  Glass storefront was dark tint providing no transparency into the showroom.  The exterior building façade was pedestrian in design with multicolor beige paint scheme, ornate concrete reveals, ledgered faux stone and standing seam metal roof features,  can signage. Product was cluttered into small dark vignettes with carpet and tile flooring. The building exterior was transformed by BWP to include filling reveals, simplifying the paint scheme, smooth coat plaster finishes of accentuated panels, tube steel canopies with cedar wood lattice, replacing all glass storefront to clear energy efficient glass providing maximum transparency. Interior spaces were recreated with polished concrete floors, open plenum mechanical systems with rigid ducting, and energy-efficient lighting.  Working with a NYC-based architectural firm, DWR created their largest showroom in the US with innovative design features and energy-saving measures that would be utilized as their new protoype for all stores going forward. The SOCO showroom features the largest collection for DWR products available, and is a showcase for designers and the public alike.

Highlights in Design and Environmental Sustainability

  • Utilized energy efficient lighting
  • Introduced water efficient plumbing fixtures throughout project
  •  Increased amount of permeable hardscape areas featuring new planting and decomposed granite walkways and seating areas
  • Added operable windows and roll-up doors for increased ventilation and energy cost savings.
  • Instituted mechanical system upgrades to promote indoor clean air quality and operating efficiency.
  • Promoted the showroom as a community gathering place and venue for non-profit events, fundraising and charity events and corporate functions.