According to owner and chef, Jonathan Rollo, Greenleaf provides our communities with the highest quality, freshest and most delicious food that is also good for you. Greenleaf is committed to using the finest local ingredients combined with gourmet cooking techniques to serve customers an affordable yet creative dining option in a fun, comfortable, and relaxed environment. Named one of “LA’s Best,” Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop quickly became the preferred healthy restaurant group for Los Angeles, and most recently to Orange County’s health-conscious eaters. Greenleaf serves made-to-order salads, wraps and sandwiches using flame-grilled proteins and organic, locally-grown produce, in a sleek open display kitchen.

When Rollo decided to expand into Orange County, he was deliberate in his requirement to work with a proven property owner that possessed creativity, local knowledge, and a design eye to ensure the concept would be well received by the local market.  Burnham-Ward Properties collaborated with Greenleaf and its design team to make adjustments to an already proven concept, including a departure from a sleek, modern aesthetic in their LA stores, to a more organic vintage farm style, reminiscent of Napa Valley.  Same great menu in Orange County, but with a different dining experience.  In addition to collaborating on the interiors, BWP executed renovation of exterior areas including patio, landscaping, seating areas and raised herb gardens in a manner that would compliment the interior finishes.

Highlights in Design and Environmental Sustainability

  • Use of drought tolerant landscaping throughout
  • Use of reclaimed and recycled materials both inside and outside.
  • Utilized energy efficient lighting
  • Introduced water efficient plumbing fixtures throughout project
  •  Increased amount of permeable hardscape areas featuring new planting and decomposed granite walkways and seating areas
  • Added edible gardens utilized by on-site restaurants
  • Added operable windows and roll-up doors for increased ventilation and energy cost savings
  • Instituted mechanical system upgrades to promote indoor clean air quality and operating efficiency
  • Promoted the center as a community gathering place and venue for non-profit events, fundraising, charity events, and corporate functions